IPAD Repairs

ipad-600x320LCD Glass Screen Repair

Our Trained technicians at Mrphonefixit will replace your cracked IPAD   screen with a brand new original one.   We repair all IPADS  and Tablets  it  will work  and  look  like a  new one once  again at Mrphonefixit.


No Power Repair

Our trained technicians at Mrphonefixit will inspect your device to check you it is not turning on. This repair can be as simple as a broken charging port, and can be as complex as a broken power chip on the board.


iPad Charging Port Replacement

At Mrphonefixit , our professionals will replace your broken and worn out charging port with a new oem original one. Your iPhone will charge like new again.

iPad General Repairs – All models

At Mrphonefixit are  technicians will diagnose and replace your worn and broken part with a new original part. Your iPad will look and work like new again.